Reading at Moss Hey Primary

Teaching Reading:


  • Whole class activities – using the interactive screen
  • Planned activities including skills (phonics)
  • Children receive one focus group session each week
  • Daily reading 1:1


Following Leicester Inference

  • Monday – whole class reading: teacher modelling
  • Planning - timetable of activities/tasks covering the reading domains
  • Each group to have one focus teaching session a week

KS1 intervention: 1:1 reading sessions, phonics interventions,

KS2 intervention: Targeted children to do the Leicester Inference

Reading is a focus within our writing journey: reading as a writer and then writing as a reader.

Key Stage 1 reading scheme

Oxford Reading Tree: Floppy Phonics, Project X, Alien Adventures, All stars, Trackers, Leapfrog, Treetops, Snapdragons, Infacts, Rigby Stars, Story Sparks, Time Chronicles, Songbirds, Fireflies and Usborne.


  • Daily phonics – 20 minute sessions (KS1)
  • Extra intervention sessions for targeted children
  • KS2 – phonics intervention group
  • Consistent approaches – taught and assessed using Letters & Sounds and phonics tracker
  • Phonics reading scheme: Rising Stars; reading planet scheme.  Books used for homework linked with a game

Class book:

  • Timetabled – at least10 minutes a day
  • Sometimes the class teacher will use an extract from the book as the guided reading focus

Directed Reading

  • Children to stay on the reading scheme until the Navy band
  • Children then move onto ‘directed read’ books
  • Teachers to track on the book band trackers
  • Parents / pupils to use reading homework diaries – KS1 add comment for guided reading sessions
  • Rooted reading passports for Year 2 to Year 6

Reading for Enjoyment

  • Reception class have a mystery reader
  • Library – each class has a timetabled slot – children regularly change their books
  • Reading club
  • Y6 reading buddies
  • Celebrating World Book Day
  • National Poetry Week
  • Visits to Bramhall library
  • Work with the local bookshop (Simply Books)
  • Recommended reads

Classroom Environment

  • A reading area
  • Reading strategies displayed
  • Rooted in reading display
  • Display class read
  • Access to quality books

Tracking progress

  • Termly assessments: NTS reading assessments from Year 2 to 6
  • Daily reading records (home/school)
  • Guided reading sessions
  • Book band tracking sheet
  • Reading passports
  • Interventions tracking and assessing

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