Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum, September 2019

Our Intent:

At Moss Hey our challenging and creative curriculum inspires our children to achieve.  We develop curious, resilient and enthusiastic learners to prepare our pupils for the next phase of education and beyond.


Our curriculum is through a cross curricular approach.  Some subjects, areas within the curriculum are taught discretely.



Moss Hey Pathway – our medium term plans ensure progression and coverage of the curriculum throughout the school.  The pathway is driven by the purpose for writing.  Where it fits teachers plan and deliver the writing focus around the topic.  Quality texts are selected carefully and used as a stimulus.

We follow our Moss Hey Writing journey – this incorporates reading skills, drama and grammar.  The writing journey gives lots of opportunities for the children to explore.  Challenge by choice is incorporated within the journey.


We promote and celebrate reading for pleasure.  Reading opportunities are included in all areas of the curriculum.

Teaching of reading: this is planned and delivered in the form of whole class, guided groups and individual reading.  It is incorporated in all lessons.  We dedicate time to teaching and modelling comprehension strategies and skills which fit with the curriculum content domains.


We plan following White Rose.  Learning is based on the 3 aims – fluency, problem solving and reasoning.  Our teaching and learning allows children to explore concepts, grow in confidence and deepen their understanding.  Challenge by choice is used within lessons across the school.

Foundation Subjects:

We develop learning through enquiry questions to link knowledge and skills and to broaden thinking.  Pupils explore the topic question through the foundation subjects, trips and events and at the end of the term they will reflect and answer the original question; linking their learning over time.


  • Our internal and external data reflects very good progress and attainment
  • Pupils books show a learning journey, which is creative, challenging and develops curiosity
  • Pupils are able to use our ‘Golden Thread values’ and learning behaviours to move onto the next phase of their learning.



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