Curriculum Map Overview








Year 1

The Naughty Bus

Where can the Naughty Bus go in Moss Hey?

Memory Box

How has life changed since my parents and grandparents were 5 or 6?


Enchanted Woodlands

How do our local woods compare The Daintree Rainforest?


Year 2


Remember Remember

What is important to remember in the UK?


Where would you prefer to live?



Who explored the world and how did they survive?



Year 3




When would you prefer to live: Stone age Bronze Age or Iron Age?


Rock stars


How do the rocks shape the UK and parts of Europe?

Early city builders.


What did all four ancient civilisations have in common?


Year 4


Why are the Greeks known as heroes?


What did the Romans ever do for us?


Why are rivers in Europe so important?


Year 5


The Struggle: Who go what in the struggle?


How does Bramhall Hall help us to understand Shakespeare’s Britain?


Would you rather travel around the USA or Canada the same or different?



Year 6


Wars Through Time

Is there ever a place for War?


How were the Mayans more or less advanced than Britain in 900A.D.?

How did the geography of C. America affect the Mayan civilisation?


Darwin discoveries.

Is South America one big rainforest?



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